Aktueller, offizieller Status der Entdeckungen beim Minor Planet Center (MPC)

DISCSTATUS V5.2a                              Report prepared 2018 Apr. 1
Status Report for Inastars Observatory, Potsdam (since 2006)
Number of designations found =       7
Count    Designation         Principal     Orbit
     1 : 2008 CE120 iop0003: (278513) *N:  Numbered object
     2 : 2009 UQ4   IOP005 : (264131) *N:  Numbered object
     3 : 2011 DT7   IOP0007: (297205) + :  Numbered object
     4 : 2011 DU7   IOP0008: 2011 DU7   :  5 opps, 2003-2016 (MPO392364)
     5 : 2012 DP76  IOP0009: (495150) + :  Numbered object
     6 : 2012 VX85  IOP0010: (347924)   :  Numbered object
     7 : 2013 WL47  IOP0011: 2013 WL47  :  9 opps, 1992-2018 (MPO437997)
This site has discovered     4 numbered objects
     2 of the numbered objects have been named
     5 of the discoveries are identified with numbered minor planets
     2 of the discoveries are involved in multiple-apparition orbits
     2 of the discoveries are principal designations

-- End of report

For each provisionally-designated object that you have discovered(*) the
following information is displayed:

 1) a monotonically-increasing count that has no significance other
    than to indicate the order in this list.

 2) the provisional designation followed by the observer-assigned
    temporary designation.  Occasionally the temporary designation
    will begin with '/' (e.g., /95Y03R) indicating that the observations
    were originally reported as belonging to some known object (in the
    example, 1995 YR3).

 3) the principal designation if the object is involved in a
    double designation or identification.  When the principal designation
    is a numbered object, the designation is followed by an asterisk
    if you are credited with the discovery of that numbered object.  The
    asterisk is followed by 'N' if the object has been named.

 4) if the numbered designation was assigned on or after 2010 Oct. 19 and
    the discoverer of the numbered object is not the same as the discoverer
    of the principal designation, then the asterisk is replaced with '+'.

 5) details on the latest orbit available for the object.  Most references
    will be to the MPCs.  References that begin with 'E' refer to MPECs.

This list is intended to be complete through the latest batch of MPCs,
supplemented with any Daily Orbit Update MPECs.

(*) For designations assigned on or after 2010 Oct. 19, please see
MPEC 2010-U20 for information on how discovery credit will be assigned.

--End of notes